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Convert inches to cm
Convert inches to cm, or feet/inches to cm/metre.



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Convert inches to cm was created as a convenient tool to convert from inches to cm. To make the calculator more useful I added the ability to enter feet as well as inches. We often talk about someone being so many feet and inches and how tall that is in centimetres or metres. If you only wish to convert from inches to cm, simply leave the feet value zero.

The Convert inches to cm result is displayed to three decimal places.



Convert inches to cm/cms/centimetres/centimeters


To only convert inches to cm you can leave the feet value as zero, otherwise enter the feet value.


Enter the inches value.


The converted value of feet and inches in cm to three decimal places.


The converted value of feet and inches in metres to three decimal places.

Interesting Convert inches to cm tips

  • The conversion factor to convert from inches to cm is to multiply inches by 2.54.
  • cm is the abbreviation for centimetre.
  • The Australian spelling is centimetre and metre, whereas the American spelling is centimeter and meter.
  • To work out your BMI starting with feet or inches, for metres use the BMI formula web app, and for cm, use the BMI/BMR Calculator web app. By using these links the cm or metres will be entered for you.


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